Thursday, July 26, 2007

July 26, 2007 "Daughters"

I have been blessed to have the experience of having both a son and a daughter but today I must speak on what a blessing a daughter is. Everyone should have a least one. Son's in their own unique ways show us they love us but daughters are the ones that demonstrate that love in a more tangible way. They are females like us and truly understand what bring us comfort and joy in a way that males sometime can't comprehend. I bring this up today because as you know I have been battling a terrible cold since I came back from vacation. Well, a couple nights ago when I was at my very worst my daughter called and was very concerned that I take care of myself. She admonished me to get some rest and told me she was going to make dinner for me because she knows there are only males in my house and they more than likely would not make a meal on their own. (she was right) I insisted that I was fine but she was determined to make dinner so to my delight (even though I was feeling better) she had a full meal made for me to pick up(her house is on my way home) after work today. I told her when I picked it up that she didn't need to do this and she said, "Mom, do you know how many meals you made for me when I when I was little, I think I can do this for you."

Well, my point in all this is that a daughter is always there to pick up the slack for us moms. My daughter is the one that always checks on me when I'm sick, she's always worried that I'm working too much, she makes sure my birthday is never forgotten, she even got a housekeeper for me. She does the a card to just say thank you or calling me to let me know the latest that the grand babies are doing or sending me a voice note with my granddaughter singing happy birthday right on my birthday. She's the one you talk to all through the week about babies, cooking and just life. She makes sure we spend special times together for holidays, vacations and Sunday dinners.
Mothers and daughters definitely have their challenges as daughters are growing up and becoming teens and then young adults but then that magical time comes when your daughter becomes a mother and then she understands and then you have a daughter that becomes one of your best friends in life.

Thank you Debbie for being the best daughter anyone could ever ask will receive it back double fold when your two girls grow up!

Tonight's dinner: Chicken Brushetta, Salad and Nine Grain Bread
and I didn't have to make it!!!
"Many daughters have done well, But you excel them all. " Proverbs 31:29


Jane said...

I suddenly feel like I have been slacking at being a daughter. Thanks for the reminder that I need to do a better job at appreciating my mom and showing her that I love her!

PrincessK said...

Jane: We will cut you some slack since your not a mom yet...remember that is the magical moment. But it wouldn't hurt to do something sweet for your mom. I'm sure it would mean alot to her.

Meems said...

aptly stated! daughters are the essential element for every mom. especially after they are grown and have their own family. when daughters move away they are still so close at heart. i often say that if not for the kind and loving consideration of mine toward me, i may have been forgotten by the males in the family. i know it isn't totally true because i know my sons are just as valuable and wonderful--- thankfully they have a great connection with their dad.

great looking dinner... and really nice portion control. :-0

deborahbee said...

Thank you for all the heartfelt words. You have given so much of yourself and have taught me how to be a great mom by your example. I'm so proud to be your daughter. I Love You!!!

PrincessK said...

meems: that was just my first serving. (:

deborahbee: I love you too! by the way your brother loved the chicken!

MLM said...

I enjoyed reading this post, and hoping that I've been this kind of *extra* blessing for my mom throughout the years. I don't have a daughter myself, but you got me thinking maybe I should do something about that!

PrincessK said...

mlm: thanks for visiting. I have a feeling you are just as much as a blessing to your mom. But you may want to think about getting that daughter in your life........ (: