Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Visit to my Aunt's House

I have often made reference to my Dad on this blog. One of the things I will always remember about dad was how positive and thankful He was as He got older, even in the most difficult times in life. This last weekend my hubby and I had a chance to get away for the weekend to Orlando and I asked him if he would mind going over to the East Coast of Florida to visit my Aunt Jean. Aunt Jean is my dad's only remaining sibling. I talk to her on the phone but have only visited her one time in the last year and a half.
We only had a few hours to spend with her but it was a little like being with my dad again, she is so much like him. Very independent but so inviting and happy to have a guest. I also noticed as we talked that although she has many physical challenges, that same positive and thankful attitude my dad always had.

We have so much to learn from that older generation - my aunt is almost 84. They have a very different look at life and adversity than most of us do. This is what I noticed and once again was reminded of how I want to be as I get older and become more and more an example to the next generation.

  • Focusing on what we have and not what we don't have - although almost blind and has experienced many losses, my aunt told me many many times how grateful she was for what she did have and how blessed she was
  • Everyday is a day to be treasured and enjoyed - Aunt Jean told me how much she just enjoys each day, being in her house, sitting in a certain little place each day, her yard and her neighbors.
  • Enjoying the people in your life - It was evident during our visit that every moment and word was enjoyed and she talked about others in her life you sensed the same joy of just having those in her life.
  • Take care of yourself - At 84 years old Aunt Jean does 30 minutes of exercise on her glider everyday.
We know these things are easier to do when you have more time and less years ahead of you but if we all applied just these 4 little principles to our lives a little more I believe our lives would be so much fuller and so much less stressful.

Birth Order and Your Personality - The First Born

Your birth order affects your personality and nearly every aspect of your life, but it is not an absolute, indelible mark. It is only one of many factors in personality development. And no one birth order is better than another, however, it can be reversed or turned around by illness, early death or the mental incapacity of a sibling.

If you are the First will often be a high achiever and very conscientious. First borns are reliable and loyal. Kevin Leman says first borns are natural leaders as this often comes from a sense of entitlement and superiority. They pay attention to detail and are organized. They can be moody and insensitive to others feelings and are also bad at delegating, because they don't trust others as much as they trust themselves. That's why they are often stressed out. They must be in control but this leads to stress.

Why? The parents! They were the first baby and while there is a lot of excitement and anticipation on the parents part there is also a lot of pressure and demand from them to be the best. First borns often have to grow up fast and become, "little adults" before they are ready.

This can result in two basic types: compliant and wanting to please or strong willed and aggressive. (it's possible to have traits of both.)

Parents are much tougher on their first-born children than those that follow
First-born siblings have long complained that their parents allow their younger brothers and sisters to get away with murder.
While they are forced to toe the line, they claim their mothers and fathers are far less strict with their naughty siblings.
Now research has confirmed their suspicions that parents punish older children more harshly. The study shows first-born children often recognise their parents are likely to be tougher on their transgressions and are generally deterred from being rebellious.

Here are a few tips for coping with your first born status:
  • Relax - you probably have a hard time relaxing and may even be a workaholic
  • Learn to say no - don't try to do everything and be everything to everyone
  • Don't aim for perfection - you may set very high standards for yourself and others
  • Develop a sense of humor - don't take life so seriously and learn to enjoy the moment.
To learn more about first born traits, go to:

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Riding with the Eagles!

I must take a break from my usual Life Coaching blog to write about my very fun time spent this morning with the "Eagle Riders."

You are probably wondering who or what the "Eagle Riders" are, well you are about to find out!

My brother, Pastor George Walters, is the Pastor of Faith Outreach Center Church on Sheldon Road in Tampa, FL and he has recently formed a motorcycle group at the church called the "Eagle Riders." Well, I was invited by my sweet brother to ride with the group on his Gold Wing Tri-cycle. I was beyond excited! I love to ride motorcycles and have only had a few opportunities to ride. The plan was to meet at the church, ride to Bradenton to a little mom and pop diner and ride back over the Sunshine Skyway bridge. We had 8 bikes and 14 people. They were all so sweet and patient with this rookie, "biker girl" :) What a great group of people and what an honor to ride with them!

But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.
Isaiah 40:30-31
The Gathering of the Eagles

Gotta have the Look!

Ok it needs to look good or I can't wear it!

Ready to Fly with the Eagles!

On the Road!

Breakfast at Popi's with the Eagles
My Riding buddy and me. :)
Riding over the Skyway

Just doesn't get any better than this!!!

If you live in Tampa and would like to be part of the Eagle Riders call 813-887-3354 for more information.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thank You Power!

One of the best ways to get through difficult challenging times is to develop a thankful heart. There is a type of "power" you receive from being thankful, no matter what your circumstances may be. This is a biblical principal, "Be thankful in ALL circumstances, for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus." and is scientifically proven.

The key is to focus on what is working for you, instead of what is not working. How do we do this? Start by:
  • Noticing the small things in life: a child's smile, the smell of coffee or maybe just getting up in the morning.
  • Get a notebook and pen: keep in your purse or car and slow down and notice the good things in your life.
  • Write down a least three things to be thankful for a day.
Studies have shown that people who are thankful and have a positive outlook on life are more likely to :
  • Be more creative
  • Bounce back from adversity faster
  • Be less intimidated by challenges
  • Have a higher immune response
  • Be more alert and interested
  • Be more adventurous
  • Live longer
  • More likely to help others
  • Be more likable
  • Be less judging
Remember, sometimes the most significant blessings are from the most insignificant events.