Sunday, July 15, 2012

Overcoming Depression.....

An Action Plan to Overcome Depression:

1. Examine Your Thinking:
  • Think outside yourself. Ask yourself if you’d say what you’re thinking about yourself to someone else. If not, stop being so hard on yourself.
  • Keep a “negative thought log." Whenever you experience a negative thought, jot down the thought and what triggered it in a notebook. Review your log  Consider if the negativity was truly warranted. Ask yourself if there’s another way to view the situation.
  • Willfully recall God’s blessings in your past?  If He was able to handle your past can He not handle your present and future?  Think about and write down some of the biggest problems God has brought you through.
2. Examine Your Behavior:
• Are you choosing positive or negative responses to your depression?
  • Allow yourself to be less than perfect. Many depressed people are perfectionists, holding themselves to impossibly high standards and then beating themselves up when they fail to meet them.
  • Socialize with positive people. Notice how people who always look on the bright side deal with challenges, even minor ones, like not being able to find a parking space. Then consider how you would react in the same situation. Even if you have to pretend, try to adopt their optimism and persistence in the face of difficulty.
  •  Turn to trusted friends and family members. Share what you’re going through with the people you love and trust. Ask for the help and support you need. You may have retreated from your most treasured relationships, but they can get you through this tough time.
  • Try to keep up with social activities even if you don’t feel like it. When you’re depressed, it feels more comfortable to retreat into your shell. But being around other people will make you feel less depressed.
3. Practical Things that will help with depression:
  •  Aim for 8 hours of sleep. Depression typically involves sleep problems. Whether you’re sleeping too little or too much, your mood suffers. Get on a better sleep schedule by learning healthy sleep habits.
  • Expose yourself to a little sunlight every day. Lack of sunlight can make depression worse. Make sure you’re getting enough. Take a short walk outdoors, have your coffee outside, or sit out in the garden.  
  • Keep stress in check. Not only does stress prolong and worsen depression, but it can also trigger it.  Figure out all the things in your life that are stressing you out. Examples include: work overload, unsupportive relationships, taking on too much, or health problems. Once you’ve identified your stressors, you can make a plan to avoid them or minimize their impact.
  • Exercise now…and again.  A 10-minute walk can improve your mood for two hours.  The key to sustaining mood benefits is to exercise regularly.

  • Don’t skip meals. Going too long between meals can make you feel irritable and tired, so aim to eat something at least every 3-4 hours.
  • Minimize sugar and refined carbs. You may crave sugary snacks, baked goods, or comfort foods such as pasta or french fries. But these “feel-good” foods quickly lead to a crash in mood and energy.
 If you find your depression getting worse and worse, seek professional help. Needing additional help doesn’t mean you’re weak. Sometimes the negative thinking in depression can make you feel like you’re a lost cause, but depression can be treated and you can feel better!

Psalm 43:5

 Why am I discouraged?
    Why is my heart so sad?
I will put my hope in God!
    I will praise him again—
    my Savior and my God!


Beverly Walters Whaley said...

Coach K.....It was amazing to see some of the things like...keep a negativity log??? What the heck is made me realize....that I am the not the one who needs that one......sad for those who might though.....Great Blog!!!!! Keep it up....informative...helpful.....I know those who are depressed and fight it everyday and when you blog....they get the email and it inspires them! Keep it up Auntie K! HB btw! LOL

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Thank you Marina, for stopping by my blog, you have encouraged me to get back to blogging. Thank you for leaving a comment!

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