Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas....NOT Happy Holidays

As I have traveled from store to store the last couple weeks doing my Christmas shopping, I made up my mind that every time a sales person said "Happy Holidays" and was going to respond with "Merry Christmas". Every single store (and there have been many) I have visited I have been greeted with Happy Holiday or as I am leaving have been told to have a "happy holiday". Well, the very sad part of this is that everytime I said "Merry Christmas" the person always responded to me in a whisper, "Merry Christmas", many times looking around to see who was looking. I had a few actually tell me that they are not allowed to say "Merry Christmas." I had one sales woman who told me she was not allowed to say Merry Christmas but as I was leaving she mouthed Merry Christmas.

I was struck at how sad that our country has come to this place that people are afraid to say, "Merry Christmas," for fear that they may loose their jobs, offend someone or have someone get mad at them.

Should we really wonder why our country is in the place it is when we have so turned our back on God as a nation. I will continue to pray for our country and that the people of our nation will turn their hearts toward God once again and that we can truely once again be a Christian nation that would not be ashamed to declare that we are celebrating "Christmas"

so I would like to wish you all a Very - MERRY CHRISTMAS!

"The angel said, Don't be afraid. I'm here to announce a great and joyful event that is meant for everybody, worldwide. A Savior has just been born.....LUKE 2:10-11 The Message


Snow said...

Thanks for writing this post. Merry Christmas!

CoachK said...

Merry Christmas to you Snow!