Monday, June 30, 2008


I'm not even sure how to convey all that Kay Arthur taught on this weekend.  I am basically going to give the scripture references and the main points of what she said.  She stated she has been physically ill from what God has shown her.  It is a hard message but one we need to hear. 

The text started in Jeremiah 36.  It was a warning that Jeremiah the prophet gave to the King and the warning was not heeded - in fact the king burned the scroll.  In Jeremiah 5:1 and 9:1-6 we are told that truth does not prevail any longer with the nation at that time and Kay stated God was showing her that America is in a very similar position.  Truth is not prevailing in our country.  Isaiah 59:14,15 was given as text also.  

Kay stated, "what happens when a country sins against God".   "What are the characteristics of a country that is turning its back on God?"  Ezekiel 14  One thing that happens first is Famine in the land.  There is no fear of God or His Word.  

Other scriptures she used were:  Ezekiel 14:12, Isaiah 5:3, Hosea 4, Jeremiah 2:13, Jeremiah 5:7, Jeremiah 6:10, Jeremiah 7:1-11.  She stated that America has rejected the truth and knowledge of God, has forsaken God and committed spiritual adultery.  

Her talk was for 2 1/2 hours so it is impossible to convey all that was said but the good news is the 7 things we need to do as Christians in light of all this.  Whether we agree with all that Kay has stated or not these 7 principles are something I believe every American and Christian should do at this time in our culture.  

1. Return our hearts to God.  We have been swayed and desensitized by the culture we live in so we need to Pray this prayer:  "Lord, break my heart with what breaks your heart"
2.  We need to mourn for our country, weep for our nation.  Jeremiah 9:17-19
3.  We need to pray with passion and fervently and consistently for our country. 
4.  We need to Love God's Word like never before.  We need to know God's word in a greater way than ever before.  Jeremiah 33:1, 9, 15, 17
5. We need to love others as Jesus loves them.  We need to be different than the world.
6.  We need to introduce people to Jesus.  Jeremiah 31:31-34
7 .  After doing all the above we need to rest in faith believe we can trust God and that He has heard our petitions and seen our obedience.  

I'm sure I did not do justice to all Kay said but I hope at least it has given all of your some things to meditate on and pray about.  I know it has done that for me. 

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