Sunday, July 6, 2008

Step 2 - Moving Toward your Purpse

Today we will get back to our series on purpose. Remember in three posts ago we discussed that Step one to finding your purpose was one of the hardest. It is doing today what God has purposed you to do for today as He is preparing you for youR future purposes and plans.

Step 2 is one you can not leave out or you may not be able to handle any big or new assignments from God. Step 2 is best described in this scripture, "Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus." Phil 3:13,14

Step 2: Forgetting what is behind so you can press toward your goal. If we are carrying around heavy weight of the past it can wear us down as if we are carrying a backpack loaded with bricks.

Before we go full-steam ahead down the pathway to purpose, we need to allow healing to be our focus for a period of time. It really is OK and in fact necessary to give yourself permission to slow your pursuit of purpose to concentrate on healing and putting behind you whatever could overwhelm you or hinder you on the journey ahead.

As we discussed in our step one post, God uses every part of your life, the good and the bad to shape you into who you are today. Those experiences many times are the very areas God will use us the most to help others.

Are you willing to empty your backpack of the load of bricks? Are you willing to unload the excess weight of your past and let old wounds heal? God wants you to get to the other side of your pain and hurt so that you can help others with theirs.

Some steps you may take to let go of past hurts and wounds:
1. Write about your Pain: Make a list of the areas that are holding you back, that you need to heal from. It may be an unsent letter to someone who has hurt you. Write it, pray over it and burn it. Possibly have a prayer partner pray with you over this.
2. Remember a time when God did heal you: Be encouraged by how far you have come. God has helped you and healed you before, He can do it again!
3. Write your testimony: If you have never done so, write out your story since coming to know Christ. Page one: life before Christ, Page two: Describe God's mercy and how he healed you, brought you to Him and the pages after: the changes that have taken place and how He has used you since coming to Him
4. Ask yourself, "How will my hurt in life help someone else?". Then every time you want to bring back your hurt into your heart remember how many people will eventually benefit from your healing.
5. Surround yourself with people of hope: Positive role models are powerful influences in our lives.

God wants and wills to bring good out of the bad in our lives. Trust that He will use the best and worst of your past and present to fulfill His purposes for your life!


April said...

Hi Kathy,
"Moving Toward your Purpose" This seems very hard when you don't seem to have an obvious gift. I do believe that God did not create us without a purpose intended, it's just the understanding it so that you can walk it out that I struggle with.
You are completely right when it comes to forgetting what is in he past. But, how do you get to the next step...goals? Is it possible to establish goals while working on getting rid of the baggage from the past?

CoachK said...

april: Yes, I believe even as you are resolving your past you can begin to understand your purpose to a greater degree and take some steps toward it. I recommend a book called "Conversations on Purpose". It is a great tool to help you discover and connect to God's plan for you. If you would like more information e-mail me at God Bless.