Monday, April 12, 2010

A Seed of Hope

I wanted to take today's post to give an update of what "A Seed of Hope" Life Coaching is up to.

This blog was created to give readers tools to bring improvement to themselves and their lives in everyday life. "A SEED OF HOPE" is also the name of my Life Coaching business. I thought I would do a post today to introduce two of the ministries that I am contracting with at this time.

First, is "PathSeeker Center" If you look under "staff" you will see what I do there and all the other counselor that work there.

PathSeeker Center is non-profit Christian Counseling and Therapy ministry. They offer counseling, therapy, life coaching, education, and support groups. They charge on a sliding scale and their number is: 877-273-3548

Second is "Faith and Hope Care Center" Again, if you look under staff you will see what I and all the other staff do at that center.

Faith and Hope Care Center is a healing center for individuals seeking a safe and encouraging place where they can be restored and comforted from life's hurts. The Care Center is a solid, balanced, inter-denominational ministry that is a recommended by both Christian ministries and alternative faith-based health and healing organizations. Their number is 813-887-3354.

I feel very blessed to be part of these two organizations and the people that I work with within each ministry.

Keep posted - I'll be starting another 30 day blog in May - not sure what the topic will be yet
Any Suggestions???

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Beverly Walters Whaley said...

Inspiration? Encouragement? Nothing really hard learning like PATIENCE! LOL

Good to see you back Coach K.........Great to see your touching to many lifes with your new endeavors! Have the best day ever! Be encouraged today!