Wednesday, January 19, 2011

John's Money Tip number 4 - Prevention through Planning

One of my key points in saving money is preventative maintenance.  The point of this is that neglect will cost you more later.   Maintaining the integrity of your vehicles and home will save you money in the long run - it is regular and routine checks that will save you from having unexpected or much larger problems.  Whether you do these things yourself or have someone else do them they are important to overall financial stability.

Here is a list of suggestions of what you may be keeping a maintenance schedule with:

Vehicles -
  • Checking the car fluids levels monthly - such as oil, transmission, or power steering
  • Have someone you trust that you can take your vehicles to for repairs
  • Check tire pressure every 3 months
  • Brake inspections are free - good to do while oil is being changed
  • Check your wipers before the rainy season - at least once a year. 
  • Check batteries, tires and belts before long trips.
Home -
  • Every two years have your air conditioning system cleaned and checks by an AC professional
    • change air conditioning filter at least every two months
  • One of the most damaging things to a home is water damage - 
    • inspect the perimeter of the house for standing water after rain as this can cause damage to the structure
    • the ground should always slope away from the house.
    • pay attention to water stains on the ceiling or roof leakage after rains
  • It's a good idea to change the  water heater every 10 - 12 years as they can often spring a leak causing damage to the home
  • Replace smoke alarm batteries every time you turn your clocks back
  • Keep clutter and debris away from the outside structure of your home as that can invite termites and insects
  • If you notice your toilets are continuously running you have a leaky flapper valve that needs to be replaced - this will cause your water bill to go up.

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