Sunday, September 7, 2008

God's Timing

I have been reading Joyce Meyer's book, "The Secret to True Happiness." The following was taken from that book. As I am in a very transitional time in life I have been struggling with God's timing on things. This paragraph from the book really spoke to my heart.

"One of the biggest mistakes we make as believers is failing to remember that God's timing rarely matches our timing. We think and plan in temporal terms, and God thinks and plans in eternal terms. What this means is we are very interested in right now, and God is much more interested in the long term. We want what feels good right now, what produces immediate results, but God is willing to be patient and deliberate as he invests in us over a period of time to produce results far better and longer lasting than we can imagine.

God sees and understands what we do not see and understand. He asks us to put aside our natural tendencies to want to figure out what should happen in our lives and when it should happen. He also desires us to stop being frustrated because things do not go according to our plan, and instead to relax, enjoy the ride, and trust He is working everything out according to His timing and the wisdom of His plan.

Without true trust in God, we will never experience satisfaction and enjoyment in life; we will always be striving to "make things happen." Psalm 31:15 assures us our times are in His hands. He is working, often in ways we cannot see, to bring His plans to pass in our lives in the best possible ways, to bring us the greatest possible joy. He sees the BIG picture of our lives, from start to finish; He knows what needs to happen and when. we simply need to trust Him and remember His perspective is far superior to ours and that His timing is PERFECT. "


Snow said...

Thank you so much for sharing the book. I am in a transitional phase too so you are not alone. The paragraphs you quoted are a great encouragement - and a reminder for me to let go and let God carry out His plans for me. To "enjoy the ride" is not easy while waiting, but if this is what I need to learn, I will.

Thanks again!

CoachK said...

Snow, thank you for visiting. It's nice too know I am not alone in transition. I understand not being able to "enjoy the ride" but I am really trying and I think to some extent I am beginning to succeed.