Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vacation Memories

We started out with smiles on our faces, looking forward to cool air, fall colors and lots and lots of pumpkins everywhere.

We were not disappointed....we arrived at Maggie Valley, N.C. the day before the first day of fall. They were just putting out all the haystacks, pumpkins and scarecrows, the temps were in the high 60's low 70's....perfect!

Our first stop before getting the the cabin was Barbara's Orchard. This stop is a tradition for us..it is a little fruit and veggie stand but also a bakery. Our choice of indulgence was their perfect tasting "apple turnovers". Yummmmmm! They were still a little warm from coming out of the oven. We also bought lots of apples for more cooking during the week.

Here are a few of the "priceless" memories we shared:

1. Kaitlyn saying, "I want to go in Nana's car".
2. Kaitlyn holding my hand every chance she got.
3. Kaitlyn saying, " That's OK, maybe next time."
4. Anna's beautiful, heart stopping smile.
5. Anna''s sassy little swinging hips when she is doing what she wants to do.
6. Anna saying, oh so quietly....pa pa
7. Making dinner with my sweet daughter, talking, laughing and just enjoying being together
8. Watching John and Abel's eyes light up when they got their milkshake, fudge or whatever else they are indulging in
9. Sharing dinner each night in the mist of our beautiful surroundings
10. Sitting around and talking and laughing about things that in normal life we would never have time for.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your Heart. Psalm 37:4

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