Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Grateful Heart

It's been almost 2 weeks since my last blog entry and if anyone does check this blog I am sorry and will try to be more consistent.  If no one checks this blog then it is not a problem because I am OK with it.   

I have been very focused on a project I have been working on and finally have completed this week. I have been writing a Life Coaching Workbook for pregnancy resource centers.  I always wanted to write an instructional training manual as I love to train but the reality of doing it was not quite as glamorous as I thought.  For a person like me that loves to be mobile, be around people and work on projects together with a team, this was probably one of the most challenging assignments I have ever had.  I had to sit for hours on end at my computer and research, type and correct mistakes, I was by myself most of the time and I was it doing myself so there was no team.  

But I truly believed and still believe that God put it on my heart to do this and that is what kept me going along with many family members and friends that believed in, encouraged and prayed for me.  The end result is not a book that I take credit for but a book that was something God helped me daily to do and
 gave me all of the support and encouragement through wonderful friends and family that I needed to finish the task.  I give Him all the glory and thank Him for everyone who was there with me during this time.  

I took the book to the printer today and will have printed copies on Friday to send out to those who have requested it.  The rest is in God's hands.  

I am hoping some of the centers that have ordered the workbook will do some blog questions once they get the book so they can be posted for everyone to see.  We will see what happens.  

For now I just wanted to post to be a encouragement, a challenge or a motivation to anyone who feels God has given them something to do that seems too big for them.  I promise you this was too big for me.  When God puts something on your heart - take a step at a time toward the path He has shown you.  He will light your path but only step by step the rest you just have to trust Him for, but who better to put your trust in!

Here is a picture of the front of the workbook.  I am hoping to have it on my website and a link to some of the chapters by next week. 


Pat said...

Hi Kathy,
Just wanted you to know that someone reads your blog.

mjm said...

I second that and congratulations on getting the workbook to the printer!

CoachK said...

Thank you both for checking in and responding. You brightened my day. I like to think it doesn't matter if anyone is checking, but I think it does. :)