Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Wisdom

My dad wrote these thots in 1997 and was 77 years old. He left us to be with Jesus at the age of 85. If you had met him up until about a month before he was gone, you would have thought he was much younger. He had a zeal and passion for life made him seem younger. He had a computer and would type his "thots" on that computer on a regular basis.

This blog is called as my business name is " A Seed of Hope" Life Coaching. Well, my dad was the greatest Life Coach I ever knew and that was before anyone knew what a life coach was. He encouraged every person that came in contact with him. You would come to visit my mom and dad in their little modest home maybe feeling a little down or your self esteem a little bruised but by the time you left my mom and dad's house you felt like the most amazing person in the world that could accomplish anything. In the world we live in today we need more encourager's. Let's make a point to encourage and appreciate someone this week.

A few more nuggets:

People don’t mean to be pretentious or acting overly important –
It’s just that they don’t want to go un-noticed - in the scheme of things we
all like and need attention from time to time.

One said once, " if only I could live my life over again" You do have that chance. It is called Today. You have never had Today before so be and do all the things you wanted to do today. This very moment - it is yours to live - Don't let the past bury you - get going and do it - that is - whatever you wanted to do - do it now.

I would not want to change anything that has happened to me - that has forced me to take stock of myself and change. There were surprises and disappointments that occurred - down through the long years that were both the worst thing that happened to me and the best thing that happened to me. I had to change my attitude and give up bitterness and anger that goes with unfulfilled expectation. That was the best thing to have to accept in a mature way something that would not change to suit me. At the same time it was the worst thing to have to go through it - but I survived it all and became a better person for it.

"The Lord is faithful to all His promises and loving toward all he has made." Ps. 145:13


Snow said...

I appreciate you sharing your father's great legacy. Keep sharing. :)

Pat said...

This is precious and connects with my reflections of my own Dad this week. We approach the anniversary of his passing on to Jesus next week.
They do live on in our hearts!
BTW, your blog looks wonderful!!!!

CoachK said...

Snow: I will! Thanks for coming by.

CoachK said...

The memories only get better and sweeter as time goes on.
Thank you! I figured everyone was getting tired of my plain blog. :)