Monday, November 17, 2008


It has been 3 1/2 years since my dad passed away. I still miss him more than ever, in fact I think I miss him more as time goes on. My dad by his own admission make many mistakes in his younger years. He was very controlling, had a quick temper and very impulsive. As he grew older, and this is one of the many reasons I am so proud of him, he made a choice to change. He chose to let go of control on a daily basis, he chose not be be angry and to give more thought to his actions. He didn't always succeed but he tried harder than anyone I have ever known.

My dad faced many adversities and trials in his later years but he kept a positive attitude and looked at every situation and circumstance, no matter how devastating or challenging, as an opportunity to grow, to be an example to others and to trust God.

My dad was a poet, a writer and a philosopher and although he never published a book, he wrote many of his "thots", as he called them, down and left them for us to now receive his wisdom from.

I wish I had asked more questions, spent more time and written more of what my dad had in his heart while he was still here. (If you have a parent that is still with you , please take note of this) But I am thankful that he took the time to leave me and my family some of his ponderings that seem so much more insightful and wise than I ever realized when he was here.

I am going to share a few of these nuggets for a few weeks on this enjoy!

Physically we are weaker. Spiritually we are stronger

Requires the highest level of honesty

No person can enjoy their successes without their Mom and dad,
being proud of them, always.
This is the number one inheritance we give our children

Other peoples lives, hopes, dreams, decisions, styles, methods and joy.
Unless you are invited in, by that particular, “person” – just buzz-off. You have no right to live your own life and their life too. No one is that smart, not even you.

I Think, only a thot, that Humility is:
Acting like Jesus would act – in the same situation.

"The mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace" Romans 8:6


Pocahontas hiker said...

How wonderful. Looking forward to future Grandpa nuggets!

Deborah said...

I learned so much from Grandpa's example. He always found joy in the mist of his situations and walked close to God. He blessed my life in many ways.

CoachK said...

Pocahontas and Deborah: Thank you for stopping by! It is nice to get some comments. As I have been going through Granpa's writings I am seeing so much wisdom and life application in all He wrote.

Chayil said...

I found this one on a card up on the walls of Grandpa's house after he died: No Blaming and No Judging and No "Faces".
And this one:
No Blaming...NO expecting...No controlling any one.

These are some of my favorites because they are simple that I remember them almost on a daily basis.

I can only pray that I will make an impact in others lives as my grandpa has made on mine :)

CoachK said...

Chayil: so glad you stopped by, and thank you for adding a few more nuggets. I don't have those and they are probably the ones I need the most. :)

I'm with you - If I can impact and encourage people even half as much as Grandpa I will feel I have done well.