Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Thots

Mother's Day is a bitter/sweet day for me.  The bitter part is that my mom is no longer here.  This is the second Mother's Day she has been gone and there is still a little sadness as I enter into the day.  I always encourage anyone who's mom is still with them to take the time and effort to love them, talk to them and take time to be with them, especially if they are getting older.  It is really true that you don't realize what you have until it's gone.  I was blessed to have a wonderful, caring and loving mom.  I didn't appreciate all she was when she was with us and healthy.  I have begun to take interest in many things she loved and so wish she was here to see me embracing the things she loved.  Things like gardening (not that I will ever compare to her), canning, enjoying the grand babies and I'm even considering baking some homemade bread.   I am just blessed that her legacy is living on in me and so many others that she taught and influenced when she was with us. 

But there is also that wonderful sweet part of the day and that is all the sweet things my family did, said and wrote to me.  This Mother's day has been especially wonderful, I guess because we were all together, everyone is healthy, happy and doing well - especially my kids, who as a mom, no matter how old they get I will always be the happiest when they are happy and doing well in their lives. 

So, my Mother's Day began with my hubby taking me out to breakfast, then coming home to my son, Johnny, giving me a bouquet of beautiful roses. 
 Then we went to church and our family gathered together to eat great food, laugh and play games.  My daughter, Debbie, made me the cutest crocheted coffee cup 
and both Johnny and Debbie gave me gift certificates to my favorite places.  We had so much fun playing a new card game and just being together as family.  You just can't ask for a better Mother's Day than that!  I am Blessed!


Snow said...

Happy (belated) Mother's Day! :)

CoachK said...

Thank you Snow!

Meems said...

"You just can't ask for a better Mother's Day than that" ... so nice to have adult children isn't it?

I'm hearing you when you express your sorrow for your mom's absence. Why is it we have to lose one we love before we realize their full value. This is something I am making myself be more and more aware of ... love the one you're with... while they are here.
And you remind me, too, of the complexities of mother/daughter relationships... so many layers and levels to work through on both sides. But so worth all the effort.
Thanks for sharing your day with us... and here's another Happy Mother's Day greeting to you from me.

CoachK said...

It is's like the place of finally getting the rewards for all those hard years when they were younger. I feel blessed, as I know you do, that that time has come, some people never get to that place.

You will never regret spending that extra time and just appreciating even the differences with your loved ones. Like you said so worth the effort. :) K