Friday, September 4, 2009

Another Weekend at Nana and Papa house

This last weekend, my daughter and son-in-law had an opportunity to get away for a couple days so our grandgirls, Kaitlyn and Anna came to stay for the weekend. I am of the belief that the purpose of going to your grandparents house for the weekend is to have a little less scheduled time and a little more fun than you may have at home. Parents have to keep schedules, discipline, teach and do all those tedious things parents must do to raise balanced children. But on the other hand just like mommy and daddy need a break from it all so do the that, in my opinion, is what staying a Nana and Papa's house should be like and
so it was......

Kaitlyn and Anna arrived on Friday afternoon and after Anna had a nice nap time we began to get ready to go to Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Sues house for dinner, we had great time and when we got home Papa as promised told the girls a bedtime story....
It was a story of a little boy who gave some tigers his clothes and the tigers were so greedy that they chased after each other trying to get the piece of clothing the other tigers had until they eventually turned into butter. So the little boys daddy gathered up the Tiger Butter to make pancakes in the morning. Well, the whole purpose to Papa telling this story is because one of the big events at our house when the grandgirls come over is waking up in the morning and having a big plate of Papas pancakes!
So in the morning as promised the girls were greeted to the heavenly smells of Papas pancakes cooking. Of course, we told them they were made with the tiger butter......

They each ate 5 pancakes each - I have no idea where they put it!

Then we got ready for a morning at the mall. First stop the playground,
which we had all to ourselves.
Then of course we shopped for clothes since the girls outnumbered the boys!
Exhausted from shopping for clothes we then went to Chick-fil-A,
our standard eating place at the mall
on to our last but not least important stop - dippin dots,
when your 2 and 5, it just doesn't get any better than that!

We got home played, napped, watched a little to much TV then got ready for church.
Putting on the new dresses we just bought at the mall, I explained to the girls that they are God's little princesses and going to church is like getting ready for the ball. (not sure if the is scripturally correct but they liked it) ;-)

Then another story before bed by one of the best storytellers - Papa

Next day Matthew joined us and we concluded the day with swimming,
Popsicles and tea parties. (oh, and just in case anyone knows any of Matthews friends,
he was a visiting pirate and did not use the tea cups)

It was a great weekend and oh so quiet when everyone went home.


betty said...

What a fun and happy time!! I am also of the opinion that time with Nana and Papa should be fun, fun, fun!! :)

CoachK said...

I think we learned that from mom and dad. When the kids went to their house they played piano, sang, stayed up late and I'm sure ate alot more sugar than normal. I know every grandchild that spend the night at grandma and grandpas has wonderful memories.