Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Visitor

It has been very quiet in our house this last week as our son was married and moved out of our home on Saturday. My hubby is loving it as he loves his space and quietness. I do not love it as I love people and activity and feeding people so it has been a little lonely for me. Not only did my son move out but all his friends that came by every night and his now wife and son where in and out on the weekends so it has been a big change. A good, healthy one but a change.

So a few days after my son moved out my daughter called me to let me know they suspect their smallest daughter may be allergic to the new kitty their family has just bought. So we have agreed to have "Boots' stay at our house for two weeks to see if that truly is the problem.

So for now, Johnny room now has kitty toys, a kitty bed and a little box in it and I have a little companion that makes some noise, I can feed and keeps me company when I'm at home. We will see what happens in a couple weeks - I'll keep you posted. But for now I thought I would share this: (Sorry all my dog loving friends and family but truth is truth!) :)

The Top Reasons to Own a Cat

  • One of the best things about cats is how clean they are. They never really require much grooming beyond brushing . The fact that they keep themselves very well groomed makes them easy for anyone to own a cat because one is not required to set aside time to bath and groom them like one would have to do with most dogs. They are quite easy to keep looking wonderful, and most of that is done by them.
  • They know instinctively when their humans need more attention or would like to be left alone. A cat will rub against your legs or jump in your lap for cuddling to take your mind off your problems. Rubbing a cat’s silky soft fur is an excellent stress reliever.
  • Dangling a yarn strand for your cat and watching as they chase the string can help keep human’s from sitting in front of the television frozen for hours at a time. When the household cat decides to catch a mouse and puts it out of its misery that is also a plus.
  • Not only do cats know how to out wit mice and dogs, but they are very intelligent about what to eat and not eat. They know they are a carnivore. They are not like dogs and will not be tricked into eating unhealthy food.
  • Dogs will pester people into petting them whether you are in the mood or not. Not a cat. They instinctively know when to pester, and when not. They knows whose lap to jump into and whose not. They know who is receptive to cuddling, and who is not. They interact with humans in a way that is consistent with the human’s behavior.
  • They have been known to fall out windows from seven floors and survive. They can leap and climb tall trees and usually find their way back down to safety.
  • A research scientist and a bio-acoustic specialist who has done studies on various animal sounds. Her findings are absolutely amazing, and demonstrate that the frequency of a cat’s purring is good for healing muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones. It is also thought to be beneficial for other types of healing and stress relief. More information can be obtained from logging in at Fauna Communications Research Institute.
  • There have been many stories of cats that have tracked their human families down and joined them after being separated. There’s a one liner that goes something like “A dog has an owner, but a cat has a staff” but it is not really that simple. There is lot more to a cat than its aloof reputation.
  • So next time your cat jumps in your lap and wants a little attention stop and think about what a wondrous creation a cat really is.


Juliette said...

I just stopped by to see if you would continue with something new and lo and behold, there was this sweet little face looking at me. After keeping this little one for two weeks, I don't see how you will part with her. She will be permanently yours.

betty said...

I agree with Juliette. How can you not keep that sweet little thing! If my husband wasn't so against kitties, I would surely have one! :)

CoachK said...

I hope I don't have to part with boots - I'm enjoying having a cat in the house again - I keep telling John it will lower his blood pressure. :)

CoachK said...

I'm still waiting for an ok from my husband. He likes cats just doesn't want any added responsibilities right now. I'm hoping in 2 weeks "Boots" will grown on him. :) I love cats, Im sure its because that is all we had as I was growing up - remember puttat? Where did we get that name from???

nprfloridagirl said...

I love that your new visitor has come to your home. You sound as if you need the pitter patter of little feet! There are Dog people and we all know your true love for CATS! I hope that he will stay with you......this is a new addition to your empty nest!

CoachK said...

I do love having him around. John is not convinced yet, and Boots is being a young kitty and doing a few, very few bad things - like last night we had our small group over for dinner and one of the ladies looks past me at the dinner table and says, "Your cat is eating the cheese" I turned around and boots was on the counter licking the cheese appetizer someone brought.....didn't score big points with John there! :)

Juliette said...

I love it!! The cat obviously feels comfortable doing all things because she knows you love her so she must be allowed access since it's probably meant for her anyway. Must be a princess.

Notice her photograph - paw outstretched, knowing she just adores you.

betty said...

I understand about having something else to care for, Kathy. I LOVED my chickens, but niether one of us miss them a bit! Don't worry about them when it's cold, don't clean their pen out in the chilly morning air, don't worry about running out of food! :) There was putttat one and puttat t wo, remember: I think one was calico and the other gray. I think maybe I named him. it's all fading, Kathy. :)