Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 30 - of 30 Days of Happiness!

Day 30 - A Day of Reflection

We did it! I am so proud of me and so proud of you! Thank you for going on this 30 day journey with me. I wanted to take today to reflect on what we did and how it worked for us. Two things I realized:
  • That accountability really works - it is amazing when you know someone is checking up on you, how diligent you can be
  • That a habit is really created in 30 days. Although this last week was the most difficult to keep up with this blog - it had become such a habit that it was never a thought that i wouldn't do it. It has become part of my routine.
I also wanted to ask you to give me some thoughts on the next 30 day challenge. I'm going to take December off and just blog for fun and holiday stuff but starting January 1 I am going to start a new 30 day challenge - any suggestions - I thought about:
  • Thirty days to a healthier life
  • Thirty days to a better you (character building)
  • Thirty to a more organized you.....
Anyway, I wanted to list what we have done and I am going to just share a few of my favorites. I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have and you know what? I really do think these 30 days have created a new level of happiness in my life. I have done some things in a very intentional manner that I never would have done or been as aware of and I have thought more about how I can help and encourage others.

Here are the ones that have had the greatest impact on me and the ones I want to do on a regular basis:
  • Any day that caused me to consciously encourage or make someone happy
  • the "dance" day - Go Wiggles!
  • I loved the plant something day because so many of you got involved
  • I loved doing something I had never done before
  • Any day that gave thanks or gratitude to God and every day of looking for scripture that encompassed our subject for the day.

Day 1
- find a scripture that speaks of where our joy comes from. Write it on an index card and look at it often through the day, especially if there are a few challenges. :) I may even get really bold and memorize it!
Day 2 - Be VERY aware of having a positive attitude. Watch for any negative thoughts or talk and correct it immediately. Look at the good in everything.
Day 3 - have a day of gratefulness. Spend time all day reflecting on all the things in life to be grateful for.
Day 4 - Make three people smile today
Day 5 - spend time with someone under 6 and think about watch how they view life.
Day 6 - Start a conversation with a stranger today
Day 7 - clean one area of clutter in my home.
Day 8 - create or start a prayer journal
Day 9 - Do something you love to do!
Day 10 - Send someone a card just because you appreciate them or thinking of them
Day 11 - Dance to a song today. :) Yes I said dance.... you may want to be alone.. ;-)
Day 12 - Do something different today - (something you haven't done in awhile or have never done)
Day 13 - Give people more than they expect today
Day 14 - Have a laughter day - (watch a funny movie or just look for or talk about funny things) just laugh!
Day 15 - Practice Contentment
Day 16 - Plant Something - this is a very easy one for a couple of you! :)
Day 17 - call someone you haven't talked to for awhile (not e-mail or facebook!)
Day 18 - Make a list of your gifts and talents ( and don't be modest)
Day 19 - Nature Day - spend some time with nature
Day 20 - Self Care Day!!! Do something just for you....
Day 21 - Donate food, clothing and any other items to your church or a non-profit that is helping people for the holidays
Day 22 - Do you have a special place you meet with God at? If not, today start one, or if so then spend some time there today.
Day 23 - Compliment or affirm someone today
Day 24 - Tell 3 friends how important they are to you (you can do this through e-mail,a card, or phone)
Day 25 - Notice a way that God has blessed you today
Day 26 - Happy Thanksgiving! Let's just spend this day with Thanks and Gratitude once again.
Day 27 - Give something today - perhaps a gift, your time, advice (if asked only!)
Day 28 - Celebrate someone or something today
Day 29 - A Day of Rest....yes this one is for me!
Day 30 - A Day of reflection.

Have a wonderful Christmas Season - yes I said Christmas! :) I would encourage you as I will myself to daily find ways to make life a little happier for those around us, whether we know them or not. Be blessed! Love, Kathy

How kind the Lord is! How good he is! So merciful, this God of ours! Psalm 116:5

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Juliette said...

Thank you Kathy for the challenges. I don’t know if I enjoyed them as much as I was focused on receiving something important from each of the days. I wanted to be able to tie everything thing to experiencing Joy, the biblical definition. As I reviewed my journaling over all the days, I like Day 5 – observing someone under 6 and Day 15 – practice contentment, the best. What I learned about myself is that I want to approach life with an open heart and a sense of adventure.


The ability to fully enjoy the moment that you are in with no view for finding something else. The expectation that there will be joy and not be disappointed.

"I suppose contentment is very well not being disturbed or disquieted. It is a spiritual mindset that affects the soul and not just the emotions associated with material and physical things"

During the challenges of the 30 days, I kept a running list of themes for what I was learning. It all started because I was trying to understand the correlations between happiness and joy. So as each day’s challenge presented itself, I would try to tie it back to an understanding of JOY. Here is my list of correlations and the dates observed. After reviewing all of them they really could be added to the defining of JOY so I am satisfied that the journey of discovery was complete.

1. Joy – to abound more exceedingly
2. Happiness 11/1
3. Contentment 11/1
4. Rejoicing 11/1
5. Peace 11/1
6. Trust 11/2
7. Grateful 11/3
8. Thankful 11/3
9. Life 11/4
10. Enjoy (the moment) 11/5
11. Expectation 11/5
12. Open (heart) 11/6
13. Adventure (sense of) 11/6
14. Listen (for God’s voice) 11/7
15. Prayer 11/8
16. His presence 11/9
17. Pleasing 11/10
18. Freedom (to be silly) 11/11
19. Friendship 11/12
20. Relationships 11/12
21. In Him 11/12
22. Communication 11/12
23. Expectations 11/13
24. Laughter 11/14
25. Satisfied 11/15
26. Thoughts 11/16
27. Symbiosis 11/16
28. Transformation 11/16
29. Connection 11/17
30. Attitude 11/18
31. Time 11/19
32. Effort 11/19
33. Indulgence 11/20
34. Allowances 11/20
35. Sensitivity 11/21
36. Blessing 11/21
37. Conversation 11/22
38. Affirmation 11/23
39. Appreciation 11/23
40. Thanksgiving 11/23
41. Remembrance 11/24
42. Salvation 11/25
43. Family 11/26
44. Giving 11/27
45. Celebration 11/28
46. Rest 11/29
47. Reflection 11/30

Count it all JOY.