Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ten Best Decisions We Can Make

As I am getting closer to starting the next 30 day blog, I came across a talk I did a few years ago and I believe it applies really well to were we will be going in the next 30 days of developing better Character in our lives. So here we go.....

1. Decide to Decide:
  • Decide that today will be different
  • Remember that it is never too late to change
2. Decide to be Authentic:
Basically this mean "be yourself" true to one's own personality, spirit, or character

3. Decide to "Get over it" (choose to forgive)

4. Decide to get Rid of the Negatives in your life and embrace the Positives.

5. Decide to Make the Most of Your Uniqueness
  • What are you good at?
  • What are you not good at?
  • What are your successes
  • What legacy do you want to leave
  • What is your mission?
6. Decide to be Successful in each Season of Life.
  • Ask yourself what you need to do to slide through safely
  • Be prepared for the coming stage
7. Decide to Live by Love (prioritize people and the way you relate to them.

8. Decide to take Care of YOU!
  • Spiritually - rest, quiet time, prayer, the Word
  • Physically - exercise, sleep, nutrition
  • Mentally - hope, faith, positive attitude
  • Emotionally - social connections and support
9. Decide to Trust God:
  • Read and study the Bible
  • Have a quiet time every day
  • Get to know the character of God and the Names of God
  • Be a person of prayer
10. Decide to Leave a Legacy
  • Using all of the above - live life in a way you want to be remembered
  • Find an area you have a passion for and help others in it.
  • Ask God to show you ways to reach out to others
  • Remember it isn't always and most of the time is not the big things that make a difference.
"Don't think only about your own affairs, but be interested in others, too, and what they are doing" Philippians 2:4

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