Saturday, February 20, 2010

Where Dreams Come True....

That's the motto at Disney World. And if your a 6 year old little girl it is probably true. If you are the Nana and Papa of that little girl it is true when you see the excitement and wonder in her face and eyes......but as your fighting the Disney crowds you begin to doubt it. :)

We took our 6 year old granddaughter Kaitlyn to Disney this weekend for her birthday and I just thought I would share some pictures of our wonderful time together. Of course, as she is a girl and is 6 - the main focus of the day was finding the princesses. They have a little autograph book that you take around and the princess signs it and beside the signature you put the picture of you and the princess.

I wanted to share this last "personal" blog but will be getting back to my Life Coaching blogs after this. I will be starting a new 30 day blog on developing Character in our lives. It will be called "30 Day's of Character Development. Sounds like fun right?? :) Maybe not fun but very necessary!
Kaitlyn and Ariel

Kaitlyn and Papa waiting for the Parade to start
Kaitlyn and Nana
Kaitlyn and Sleeping Beauty (do you remember her name?)
Kaitlyn and Belle
Kaitlyn and Cinderella
It was a wonderful day with all the princesses but mostly with our little princess!

Get ready for "Character Development!" Starting March 1 - We will be starting with "Humility" and will take a week for each character trait. We can learn humility in a week right??

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Beverly Walters Whaley said...

It seems that you have truely had a "BLISSFUL" time at Disney. Truely the place where "dreams come true"! I am happy for your Auntie K and the place you are at in your life! I have learned much from you...and see the new posted challenge you want to teach me Bring it On Girlfriend! Love you........