Monday, August 13, 2007

Grandbaby Day!!!

Yesterday was a good day. Sunday is usually our day with our two sweet granddaughters. It is a day I look forward to as my non - stress day. There is something about 2 little girls that just puts you in a different and better frame of mind. We go to church on Saturday nights right now so Sunday is our family day. Our daughter and hubby came over about 12:30pm after their church service and were going to drop off the girls so they could go out but decided to stay and eat with us. Son, Johnny just arrived home from his church and so we all sat down for an impromptu dinner. Sometimes those are the best of times...the unplanned ones. We had a great time talking - telling the usual family jokes and making some lighthearted fun of each other. It is great to finally see my son and daughter becoming friends as they are now adults and beginning to appreciate the unique very different people they are. Uncle Johnny loves his nieces and princess Kaitlyn loves him..Anna is not too sure about him yet....maybe it's the tattoos? (:
Anyway after dinner John and I took the girls to the mall and did all the things grandparents are suppose to take them on the carousel, go to the toy store, get an organic chocolate milk at Starbucks and buy licorice at the candy store. I hope mommy is not reading this right now. (: We came home and colored and put stickers in sticker books and had a tea party.

After everyone went home I just sat and thought about what a good day it was. It is days like this that I remember all the blessings that the Lord has given me.

Proverbs 17:6 (New Living Translation)
Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the mature; parents are the pride of their children. (this scripture was slightly changed from aged to mature) (;


Meems said...

i like grandbaby days too. my life is in a place these past few weeks that has allowed me to see them even more frequently. i have to say, being with these bright, fun, smart, full of life-and-light 'little-people' keeps me focused on what the most important things in life truly are. it actually causes me to worship God as i gaze into their perfectly clear eyes and feel all the love they so freely give as they call my name or tell me they love me. i honestly never would have dreamed life would be this great post-children and empty nest. isn't it just like God to keep on giving us above and beyond what we expect?

thanks for sharing your day with us. your little ones are adorable. i know you and i feel the same way.

PrincessK said...

meems: ah yes, you describe the "little people" so well. They are a joy and a breath of fresh air. Like you they give me a whole different perspective in life. God is Good!

Meems said...

hey- where are you? did you go on vacation again? missing your posts :-)