Monday, August 20, 2007

Under Construction

As you may have noticed my blog is under construction. As previously stated I have been doing alot of praying, thinking and reflecting on my life purpose, goals and what exactly God has planned for me at this time in my life. Well, I haven't figured it out yet but I am noticing one thing I am good at is encouraging and motivating people.

So I am going to be studying and looking into a relatively new field called, "Life Coaching" and as I discover more and read more about this I will share these insights in this blog. I am going to try to read a book about the subject on a regular basis and will share from the books I am reading.

Life Coaching is not therapy, delving into the past but looking at the present, the future and being intentional about the way we live our lives and the changes we may want to make.

I am reading a book called "Life Focus" right now. In this book is a principle called the "Vector" Principal. A Vector is a mathematical term that quantifies the speed and direction of an object. Even a very small vector change can create a very big difference in the ultimate destination or direction in an object.

So we apply the Vector Principle in our lives in the same way. The vectors are the choices we make on a daily basis. Many of these choices seem insignificant at the time but small changes make a big difference over time. The Vector Principle states, Achieving a desired outcome in your life is the result of consistently making positive choices that vector you toward that outcome. For example, if you want a happy, fulfilling, lifelong marriage, you must consistently make choices that contribute to such a marriage. Occasionally we will need to make a sharp turn but most of our vectoring will occur as small adjustments to keep us on course. It seems simple but it does take a conscious effort with a clear course in mind to keep going in the right direction.
Think about your life story. Make a list of small vector changes and maybe a few big ones that changed the course of your life.

Psalm 16:8 (NLT)
I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.


Jane said...

I like the new look! I also am very impressed! I can't wait to read all that I will learn...and to think I used to share an office with you! ;)

PrincessK said...

Jane - thank you! I'm rather pleased myself. It is amazing isn't It - to think you could have asked me at anytime about the answers to life...... (:

Jane said...

I know...I feel like I have missed out on a golden opportunity. Now I will have to make time to go down the hall to ask these questions that keep me up at night! ;)

Meems said...

i like your new format and ideas for your blog.

it is a perfect idea for you to express what you are so good at doing.

i look forward to reading as you progress.