Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Four Basic Personality Types

Today I will finish up talking about personality test with introducing the four basic personality types. They come with many names but the 4 types whatever the test or name is the same.

I saved the best for last. The following web link will give you every type of name you can
think of for the different personality types, plus about every personality test there is available. There is also a link at this site to love language styles, spiritual gift tests and learning styles.

Here it is...have fun!

I am going to attach a handout on each personality. Once you take a test of your choice - whether it be the DISC or the Gary Smalley test or the Personality Plus test (these are my 3 favorites) you will usually find you have a primary personality type and a secondary. Whatever your primary (highest scored) personality type is - you would look through the handout and use the information to help you use your strengths in the best possible way and take an honest look at your weaknesses so you can work on them. On these handouts you will also notice biblical characters that possibly had the same personality blend as you and look up the scriptures and study that person in the bible to see how God used them. You can also have those closest to you take a test and read each others handouts to get a better understanding of each other. These are great tools to add value to all areas of our lives.

Phlegmatic/S/Golden Retriever

I looked at the preview and these handouts came out pretty small. If you are interested in having these handouts I would be glad to send them to you - just e-mail me and ask for the personality handouts - my e-mail is

Addendum: This is too funny - for some reason the Melancholy and the Phlegmatic handout can be clicked one time and come up to full page size. The Sanguine and the Choleric will not. But we shouldn't be surprised as Sanguines and Cholerics usually do not comply as well as the other personality types. :)


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Beverly Walters Whaley said...

This probably was my favorite post TOO! Love ya girl!