Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday at Nana'a house

As we all know if we are living in Florida, it is hot!! There are very few things that will get me outside with this type of weather. I am a northern girl and Florida summers are torture to me, and it is especially torturous right now.

But there is one reason only that I will go outside for an extended period of time and that is to see my grandgirls have fun. Being a Sanguine Nana, or otter Nana, it is especially important that when Anna and Kaitlyn are with me that we have some measure of FUN! if not a whole day of FUN.

Well, we do not have a built in pool so we went out and got a blow up pool with elephants that the water comes out of their trunks. We got a big enough pool for the girls to have fun and get wet but small enough that we can keep in the covered porch area. I am willing to sacrifice coolness but I draw the line at sitting in the direct sun for hours.
So this was our Sunday at Nana's house. Tea time by the pool, and lots of water fun in the elephant pool on the porch and the bonus for Nana is the pool is too small for me to get into to so although I was hot I did not have to get my hair wet. :) We even put bubble bath in the pool to make lots of suds and had blew bubbles that you can hold in your hand.
It was hot but worth the smiles and the laughs that will live in my heart forever.

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betty said...

SUCH a good Nana!! :) My Nana days are for fun only, too, Kathy. I have as much fun as the kids!

CoachK said...

It's so nice to just enjoy them. It's so different than when your a parent. You just get to do all the fun stuff. I love it. We had a good role model in our mom, Bettsy - that's why we are such good Nana's! :)