Saturday, August 15, 2009

Riding with the Eagles!

I must take a break from my usual Life Coaching blog to write about my very fun time spent this morning with the "Eagle Riders."

You are probably wondering who or what the "Eagle Riders" are, well you are about to find out!

My brother, Pastor George Walters, is the Pastor of Faith Outreach Center Church on Sheldon Road in Tampa, FL and he has recently formed a motorcycle group at the church called the "Eagle Riders." Well, I was invited by my sweet brother to ride with the group on his Gold Wing Tri-cycle. I was beyond excited! I love to ride motorcycles and have only had a few opportunities to ride. The plan was to meet at the church, ride to Bradenton to a little mom and pop diner and ride back over the Sunshine Skyway bridge. We had 8 bikes and 14 people. They were all so sweet and patient with this rookie, "biker girl" :) What a great group of people and what an honor to ride with them!

But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.
Isaiah 40:30-31
The Gathering of the Eagles

Gotta have the Look!

Ok it needs to look good or I can't wear it!

Ready to Fly with the Eagles!

On the Road!

Breakfast at Popi's with the Eagles
My Riding buddy and me. :)
Riding over the Skyway

Just doesn't get any better than this!!!

If you live in Tampa and would like to be part of the Eagle Riders call 813-887-3354 for more information.


Snow said...
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Snow said...

Fun! :) When we had a motorcycle, I loved riding with Hubby.

CoachK said...

Thanks Snow for stopping by. It is so much fun. One time I was able to ride with someone on the blue ridge of N.C. That was amazing!

Chayil said...

I'm a big weenie when it comes to motorcycles---scared of them...All i can say is that I am glad that all of your brains are still in your head!! :)

Chayil said...

I read back over my comment and didn't want you to think that I though you didn't have any brains in your head LOL...I meant that I was glad that your brains were not on the street. Just wanted to clarify!

CoachK said...

Chayil, No clarification needed, I understood. :) I really am a big hippacrite though, I love riding but I would and do not want my kids to ride motorcycles. Maybe when they are my age. :) I don't think I have to worry about one of them though. ;-)

Cynthia Cay said...

I LOVE to ride on the back of hubby's bike. Riding on a "tri-cycle" seems a little more shall we say... risky ... than on the back of a bike. Either way, it is a complete trust situation.

Going over the Skyway on a bike is too difficult to put into words... FREEEEEEEEdom!

The hair under a helmet takes a beating no matter how cute the leather vest... haven't figured a way around that one yet... LOL

CoachK said...

It was a lot of fun. The trike has a great seat where you feel really comfortable and safe. The "helmet hair" is definately the great downfall of riding a bike. I just bring a scruntcie with me. :)