Friday, August 20, 2010

Playroom on a budget

I decided to take a break from the serious stuff today and share some fun stuff I've been doing. As you know if you read my blog very often I have 3 sweet adorable grandkids, two girls ages 3 and 6 and a boy age 5.

Since our son got married and moved out we have an extra room and decided to turn it into a playroom for the kids. Hubby wanted to keep the costs down and I wanted it to be very very fun and colorful so we came up with a plan and here are the results. I wish I had taken a before picture.
Through this process I have come to love Ikea for all the unique kids stuff they have. If you notice the swing in the first picture that was one of the great things we found. We decided to go with a park theme. So we have a tree, a picnic bench and all kinds of cats and dogs. (yes I even let the dogs be part of the scene) :)

We took off the closet doors and make an arts and crafts room out of the closet. We still need to add shelves but it's almost done. I got the table idea from Ikea and the hanging pockets were only $6.99 each.
The shelving was on sale at Target and of course we had to have everyones names on the wall. :)
This was my last find at Ikea - perfect a big leaf to hang over the bed and those are my two cute little lady bugs sitting under the leaf!
Poor Matty is a little out numbered but he still has a good time with the girls. He always gets to be the one rescuing someone when they are playing. This is the picnic table under the tree. This is where they play games together and eat their snacks and lunches.
The rug is suppose to be grass. :) Anna has all her houses set out to make a little neighborhood and Mathew and Kaitlyn are playing a game. Thank you to Edma and Hennie for donating a TV to the cause! That is what they are looking at . It is a TV with a VHS in it which is perfect because I can find all the favoritie kids videos on VHS for $1.

Oh and last but certainly not least hubby put in the flooring which of course saved us a bunch of money. It was so much fun putting it all together but even more fun to see them all enjoy it and feel they have a little place of their own when they come to our house.

I'm going to take a Blog Break for a couple weeks but I'll be back!

"Enjoy the good life every day of your life.
And enjoy your grandchildren. " (The Message revised)
Psalm 128:6


Kathy Green said...

It is beautiful and so are the kids!!! Enjoy your break, but know we will be waiting for your return! LOL...

Melanie said...

It's a child's dream!

Beverly Walters Whaley said...

Coach K.....what an amazing job you did.......I am so proud of my brother....for allowing you to take on this project....even on a budget....budgets are good...especially before a trip LOL. I am happy the kids enjoyed your efforts....I will miss your break while you are gone...but will emberace the fun when you return! Love ya girl! Have a blast!

betty said...

That's really a happy fun little place, Kathy. Not really so little. :)

Super Mom | Maternity Belly Bands said...

This is my first time to visit your blog and I actually like it. I have a knack in searching for blogs related to Tummy Tankz.

CoachK said...

Thank you Everyone for your sweet comments. I'm back in town and looking forward to blogging again!!