Sunday, October 10, 2010

Anna's Kitty Party

The Kitty Cake
 I am trying to get back to my Life Coaching posts but I had one more family event I wanted to make note of...... Saturday we had a birthday party for my now 4 year old granddaughter - Anna.   My daughter (one of the most creative people I know) asked Anna what kind of party she would like and Anna said a kitty party so Debbie created a party around kitties.  Anna had 3 little friends come to the party and of course her sister was part of it too.  As each little girl came in they picked out a little kitty that would be theirs, from the adoption center - then they went to a station that was set up like a bath area and they cleaned their kitty's (by the way, these were stuffed kitty's)  they they went on to "Kitty Doctor Kaitlyn" to examine the kitties.  The girls all made collars for their kitties and played all kinds of fun kitty games.  Here are a few pictures of a wonderful and fun day.
Oh I must mention that Mango my "real" kitty was the host for the party!
The Adoption Center

The Host Kitty!

The birthday table

The Kitty plate (Debbie made these!)

Cleaning the Kitty's

Doctor Kaitlyn is ready for business!

Mommy and Nana (I'm writing out the adoption certificates)

making the kitty collars

Ending the day in the playroom.


Beverly Walters Whaley said...

I LOVE IT! How adorable is the Kitty Adoption Party! I think Debbie OUTDID herself...I would tell her if she had a blog! Thanks for sharing......Mango looked like he was the LIFE of the party! Love a Coach!

Maria I. Morgan said...

What a creative party! Build-a-Bear has nothing on you ladies! And the host cat is adorable! Looking forward to reading your next coaching post! Have a blessed week!

CoachK said...

Thanks Bev and Maria,
I will pass on your compliments to Debbie - she is the one that did it all! Yes, Mango was the hit of the party!! :)