Friday, October 8, 2010


My FAVORITE word! HOPE...... in fact I have this word all over my house - it's kind of like the 'hidden mickeys" at Disney World. :)

A few months ago I had the opportunity to go to Washington state to see my Sister and her family. I was having a conversation with my niece Ginger and somehow we got on the subject of HOPE and she was telling me how she has been reading about HOPE and how it can make such a difference in how we maneuver through difficult situations. She sent me an article recently and I am going to share the basic concepts of it in today's post. The way the author categorized the way hope can be applied to a situation was something I haven't seen before. So here it is - I have reworded, added the definitions and paraphrased it some but the basic content is the same. This was a article written by David B. Ward.

Hope: a belief and feeling that a desired outcome is possible.

Foundations of Hope
  • 1. Your belief (faith) and feelings that you have options to choose from to achieve your desired outcome.
  1. 2.Your belief (faith) that you are willing and able to act on those options
  1. 3. By the evidence you have that the desired outcome is possible (past experience, other peoples experience)
  1. 4.The feeling of connection to others who support or help you achieve the desired outcome. (other people, God)
Applying Hope to Your Situation:
  • 1.How you view your situation, particularly the obstacles that stand in your way. Your view of the obstacles often determines perception of your options. Conclusion: Look at what your obstacles are and how to remove them or work around them. Look at your situation as an opportunity to grow.
  • 2.Having a time frame in place to work on a desired outcome with an attitude of hope. Putting energy into action that will make our goal more possible instead of spending time debating in our minds whether the goal is possible. Conclusion: commit to a certain amount of time and put your energy into moving toward your goal.
  • 3.Actively look for and seek out evidence that you can achieve your desired outcome. Conclusion: Sometimes this will come as you tell others about your hopes, as your research this subject or look at what God’s word says.
  • 4.Having a greater connection with people who support you goals or can help you achieve your goals. Conclusion: build into your week connecting rituals. Weekly times of connecting with those who support you.

In Summary, HOPE can prevail as we discover options, work toward action, remember evidence and create connections.

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. Hebrews 11:1

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Beverly Walters Whaley said...

Oh My Goodness....What an INCREDIBLE post Coach K! I think you need to write you own book on HOPE! I love it when I read your blogs, after I blog...sometimes they do parallel! It is not always the HOPE that things will change the WAY you want it to.....but HOPE to change the way the end result is the BEST for you! HHHMMMMMMMM Thanks for the marvelous post...keep em coming! That is why, you are the COACH I am the STUDENT!