Sunday, October 17, 2010

Power Thoughts

Today's post will begin a new series on how our thoughts affects our life.   I'm reading the new Joyce Meyer's book "Power Thoughts"  and I would recommend it to anyone that struggles with their thoughts which is just about everyone. 

It says in Proverbs 23:7, "For as he thinks in his heart so is he."  If we think positive thoughts we become positive people and yet if we think negative thoughts we will probably be negative people and that will affect our life, our relationships and our success.

Neither I or Joyce are saying that we can think stuff into being - that is a humanistic belief but we need to recognize that our thoughts are powerful and it is a biblical concept that you see often stated in scripture.

In most secular therapy they use what is call "Cognitive therapy"  that is simply taking control of your harmful thoughts and replacing them quickly with healthy thoughts.  The only difference between that and what I am talking about is that instead of it being something we generate from within ourselves when we take our thoughts captive through Christ we are receiving more help and power from Him than ourselves - although I am a big believe that we always have to do our part first then God comes in and helps in the areas we can't. 

I believe we have the ability to choose what we think and decide what not to think and of course we have an enemy that is constantly trying to influence which way that goes. So that is what we are going to talk about for awhile - again it may be 2 posts and it may be 20.  :)


Chayil said...

I have been speaking with April beck the last few months and the most helpful word she gave me about my thoughts was simply. ...whatsoever things are true. I find that I dwell on too much speculation or what ifs or letting my mind make situations bigger than they are. This should be a helpful study. :). Chayil

Beverly Walters Whaley said...

OUCH! OK You have my attention! I will return for this you have hit on something Coach K that is human nature to PONDER more then we should makes us crazy! Hope to learn new nuggets to help me every day! Love ya!

CoachK said...

If that is the same April Beck that I know she is a woman of great wisdom and I am so glad you have connected with her. The word she gave you is definately a key to our thoughts. Making things bigger than they are has been one of my biggest challenges, I'll be talking about that in my next may be a Walter's trait. :)

CoachK said...

I'm glad I got your attention. :) This is the key to getting through those difficult circumstances. Its not easy and I haven't perfected it - probably never will but I absolutely know this is life changing. Keep the comments coming!!!