Monday, March 21, 2011

The Maintanance Program

So we have come to the place of completing our detox. We have:
  • Detoxed our Thoughts
  • Detoxed our Words
  • Detoxed our Emotions
Just as with recovering from substance abuse, the process of recovering from toxic thinking, toxic emotions and words is sometimes easier than "staying" in recovery. We have to replace of all those things we got rid of. So today we will look at what do we need to do to maintain our new healthy, positive way of living.

Whether you "feel" like it or not, in order to maintain your new healthy way of thinking you must consciously begin to think in a different way. Here are some areas to work on:
  • Think of all the blessings in your life
  • Being grateful all the time..constantly noticing and thinking about the things you are thankful for
  • Focusing on all the things in your life that bring you joy and happiness
  • Focusing on happy memories and anticipating happy events that are coming
  • Not allowing fear to enter into your thinking
  • Make a commitment to walk in love (1 Corinthians 13)
How do you do this? Practice, practice and practice.

Some other areas to work on in recovery:
1. Your relationship with God - growing in the time spent with Him, in His Word and in worship and prayer. Listening to uplifting teaching tapes and music.
2. Have Fun: laughing and having a sense of humor even about the hard things in life
3. Exercise: most of us know that exercise will release endorphins into your system which make you feel happy and calm. The most important thing with exercise is finding something you really enjoy
4. Diet: Think about why and what you are eating. Much of our eating is for comfort so think about whether you are really hungry or just needed something to make you feel better. Drink lots of water!
5. Learn to balance your work and rest times. Fatigue leads to negativity and depression. We must take time to take care of ourselves.

This Detox and Maintenance program is an ongoing process. Sometimes we have to go back to the beginning and start again if we begin to slip. About every 6 months you need to take a pause from life and evaluate how your thought life is, how your emotions are doing. Have you slipped back into old habits? Are your emotions becoming toxic again? Are you harboring any unforgiveness? Are you keeping up with your maintenance program? This is a battle but it is a battle that we are not alone in. God is there every step of the way but we do have to do our part. When you make the decision and commitment to be a healthier person you will find your life is a wonderful adventure and you will be a role model for all those around you!

Make a commitment to walk in love, that is, the intentional choice to love others not matter what. And remember the biblical teaching that love is patient and kind, not jealous, proud, boastful or rude; it is not selfish, does not keep a track of wrongs, is quick to believe the best, wants justice and never fails!

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