Monday, March 28, 2011

Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden
Continuing to post about Spring things at our home, last post was about the play set we put up for the grand kids and today will be about my "Butterfly Garden"

Now, if you have followed my past posts for any length of time you know I AM NOT a gardener. In fact, I don't enjoy digging in the mud and getting my hands and feet all dirty and I hate the heat. I am surrounded in life by friends and family who LOVE gardening and planting stuff, I am constantly amazed at how they talk about how relaxing it is, peaceful and something they can do all day. I just don't get it, but then most of them don't get how I can spend hours on my computer either so..... :-)

So you may ask, why do you have any kind of garden? Well, I have found I do like to have very simple type gardens that take very little effort and have some sort of quick reward. I have discovered two of those kinds of gardens.

One, is an herb garden - a couple years ago my friend Cindy (also known as meems) at Hoe and Shovel went to Home Depot to help me create an herb garden and it is still growing and producing wonderful herbs to this day. This is truly a miracle. Link to that post

So, my sweet daughter Debbie, was doing some volunteer work at her daughters school and it entailed creating a butterfly garden. So she enjoyed it so much she decided to created on in her yard. She went to the store and bought milkweed plants and they had Monark Butterfly caterpillars on them and cocoons. The next day one of the cocoons opened up for a beautiful butterfly to emerge.

Well, I love butterflies and all they represent (change, transformation and freedom) so of course I was inspired to start my own butterfly garden. So here are a few pictures of it and my wonderful daughter also bought me a couple milkweeds with caterpillars on them. I have already lost a couple caterpillars to the birds but I have 3 more that I hope will make it.
The Baby Butterfly - Isn't it cute!!

The sibling

what used to be a failed veggie garden now is full of butterfly friendly plants
So to all my gardener friends and family I do now understand just a "little" bit of why you are so enthralled with gardening but I really like the end result much more than the process! :-)


Meems said...

You know the title caught my attention immediately and had my curiosity up...

First and herb garden and now a butterfly garden!I don't know, Kathy, I think you might be converting???

Your butterfly garden is very nice. Those monarchs will chew down a plant in no time. I hope you get to see the birth of one... it is fascinating.

We all have different interests in life but it's fun to stretch ourselves and try out something new once in a while. Gardens make our lives prettier and I know that appeals to you.

Have fun with the grand kids ... in the garden.

CoachK said...

Thanks Meems! I really am enjoying the little garden. You are right my milkweeds are half gone! We are going to try to put some netting around the milkweed until the butterflies emerge. I have already lost 3 caterpillers to the birds. :(

I also have a few Monarks flying around now so I am loving that!!

This is such a nice time of year in FL I wish the temps would stay like this...