Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Things!

We have just completed some pretty deep and heavy posts so today being the Sanquine I am.... I must take a break from serious stuff and talk about some FUN stuff! I am going to start a series on marriage relationships after this but for now.......

Spring is here! And although my favorite of all seasons in fall - I am also very fond of spring. The weather is still cool and everyone and everything starts getting out and being active again after hibernating for the winter. It's not so much like that here in Florida but this was a pretty cold winter even for us, so I think there was some of that even here.

So as spring starts at our house we had two projects that we wanted to complete. One was to build a playset for the grandkids and the other was to start a butterfly garden.

I will start with the playset. We found one for a great price at Walmart - it had to have a glider as that is Anna's favorite thing to play on. :-) We went down to pick it up and it was in two boxes. I asked my hubby how they fit everything in those boxes and he replied, "In many small pieces that I have to put together." : -) Fortunately my sweet and wonderful Son-in-law, Abel, volunteered his Saturday to help put it together. The two of them worked all day on it but the end result was lots fun and laughter for the grands and that is always the goal we have in mind!!

Here are a few pics of the workers, the playset and the kid's having fun!
Abel hard at work and a bit tired I think. :)
Finally getting to the bottom of the box!!
Kaitlyn and Anna finally on the glider!!
Even the big kids wanted to play
Matthew came to join us
A seat for everyone!
Many years of fun to come!!!
Next post I will tell you about the "Butterfly Garden" then back to the serious stuff!!

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