Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Root of Rejection

The following was mostly taken from "Joyce Meyers' series, "The Root of Rejection."  I highly recommend the book or CD set to everyone.  I do not think there is a person on this earth that has not suffered from some sort of rejection through their lives.  For some it may have not have had as much of an effect or they have worked through it.  But for most of us, I believe there are roots that need to be found and pulled out of our lives to be completely healthy and whole.

Rejection starts as a seed that is planted in our lives through different things that happen to us. Some of the things that can create a root of rejection are: 
  • Unwanted conception
  • a child born the wrong sex
  • comparison to another sibling
  • Adoption
  • Abandonment
  • Abuse of any kind - physical, verbal, sexual, emotional, withholding love
  • Peer rejection
  • Death of parent of parents 
  • Constant turmoil with in the home
  • Marriage rejection
This is just a short list as there are many other causes.  Remember when we look at these things we never look to blame anyone just to understand so we can be healed. 

If you have the root of rejection, you are probably going through unnecessary torment. Torment that will leave once you learn that those feelings are coming from that old root and old way of thinking.  The fear of rejection causes us to think and feel we are being rejected even when that is not the case. 

Some of the results of the Root of Rejection are: 
rebellion, anger, bitterness, guilt, inferiority, poor self-image, escapism, judgmentalism, poverty, fear, hopelessness, depression, defensiveness, hardness, distrust, disrespect, competition, jealousy, workaholism and the big one - perfectionism.  

Rejection starts as a seed and develops into a root - a root that will go deep down.  Roots determine the fruit of our life.  

If you are rooted in love and acceptance, then you will develop good things in your life - like self-control, meekness, faithfulness, patience, kindness, peace, joy and love.  

Problems like rejection are deep-rooted and receiving help is not usually as simple as praying a prayer and it all going away overnight  We have to work with God toward our healing.  We must make a commitment  to change and begin the process of renewing our mind.  

Interesting Fact:  75% of all world leaders are rejection-based people.

We will continue this series on the "Root of Rejection" for the next few posts. 
Next post will be about how rejection colors your perception of life. 

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