Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Annoying Habits

Our next lovebuster is "Annoying Habits" Now when I first read this I thought this was rather petty. But as I began to think about this and realized that some habits really can effect our relationships and the love we have for each other.

Here are a few that may seem small but can really irritate and create problems in relationships:
chewing ice
coming home and vegging
annoying eating habits
leaving messes around the house
cracking gum
chronic lateness
being a negative person

These are just a few but if you are around someone with an annoying habit you know what it is - the problem is you probably don't know what yours are.

Women tend to be more irritated than men about these types of things. What most people would argue is that their habit are part of their identity or they can't change them but that simply is not true. Unlike angry outbursts an annoying habit doesn't obviously or immediately deteriorate the care and love we have for each other but they are more sinister as they slowing through time begin to deteriorate our relationships.

Next post we will talk about how to overcome "annoying habits"

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