Friday, June 18, 2010

Why Cats are Better than Dogs....

Oh, I know I'm going to get some grief for this one, but my sweet niece Beverly wrote a blog today on why people should be like dogs. Uggg! And how there are some people like cats but they are snooty and a bunch of other no true things. :) I felt I needed to take a break from my usual blog to defend my feline friends that I love so much and give the opposite point of view.

Sorry Bev, but here is the truth of it:

    First of all, cats are so much easier to care for. You don't have to walk them or bathe them because they're smart enough to figure out all that stuff on their own, so I would look at that as being the equivalent of a low maintenance person, which I love. High maintenance people can be very wearying (dog type people). Plus, our sweet Kitty's instead of messing all over the house and yard use a spot just like us humans to do there business and they very nicely cover it up afterwards, this would be the equivalent of a person who is responsible for there own lives and messes but a dog would be a type of person who expects everyone else to take care of there stuff.

    Second, cats have all sorts of personality! Each one is a individual, some are quiet and detailed, some are very friendly and hospitable and some are more passive - much like us humans. BUT dogs in comparison are all the same.....hyper, loud (smelly) and obsessed with chasing things. Now I know a dog owner probably thinks their dog is unique but I really haven't seen it, they all seem the same to me.

    Oh and just a side note: Ever seen a cat eat its own poop?

    One of the things I love the most about cats it there Independence, unlike the very dependant dog. A cat can disappear for hours, having their own little adventures( I just love it!!!) and then pop up again just when you least expect it. It's like running into a long-lost friend on the street, but in your house! But a dog is always at your feet , mindlessly following and completely co-dependent. They have no mind or vision of their own. They can't even get the hint that you don't like them. So the human comparison is a cat would be a functional, healthy, interdependent person who has vision and purpose in life and a dog would be a dysfunctional, co-dependant person who is overly dependant and not able to think on their own.

    There is so much else that I could say about our kitty friends..... They aren't obnoxiously loud, their breath doesn't stink, and they're adorable and cuttlely—there is nothing more wonderful that a kitty purring in your lap. A cat gives you plenty of affection, a rub against that leg, a jump on your lap if you want them to but a dog pushes affection on you whether you want it or not. Much like a person who is needy, always needing more than you can give.

    So in conclusion, would I want friends that are like dogs?

    if I had a friend like a dog that they would be a high maintenance person who would expect me to take care of all their stuff and were loud hyper, (smelly) and obsessed with chasing things, eats their own poop is a dysfunctional, co-dependant person who is overly dependant and not able to think on their own. This would be a friend that would be needy always needing more than I could give.......... NO I definitely would not want friends that are like dogs. clients maybe...but not friends.

    But I would love to have a friend like a cat:

    A friend like a cat would be a low maintenance person who is responsible for their behavior and takes care of their own messes in life. A functional, interdependent person who has vision and purpose, has personality and knows when to have fun and when to be serious. Is affectionate and a good friend but not overly needy, just the right balance. Yes, this is the type of friend I would like....

    So Bev...Why can't people be more like Cats?????

    A Seed of Hope Life Coaching is not responsible for any liability from Dog Lovers who have been offended by this blog.


betty said...

Kathy, dogs do NOT eat their own poop! At least, not that I've ever seen. But they do eat their own vomit. I think your making them grosser than they really are. Maybe cause your slightly prejediced against dogs.:) Otherwise, that was a really neat blog.

Beverly Walters Whaley said...

Well Auntie K....I beleive I have been blessed to have a "CAT" in my life and they are not always how you descibe the cat to be! LOL Which was the reason for my post! I agree with Aunt Betsy I beleive you are very partial to the feline family friends...and glad to see you had such challenging fun on my behalf!!!!! By the way.....Dog's only eat CAT POOP! So thought you would really take a liking to that! LOL Your a hoot!

CoachK said...

I'm not sure that eating vomit is better than poop but I did google it and the average dog does do that. ;)

Yes, I must admit I'm a little prejediced against dogs. I knew this blog may not be real popular with some of my family. But it was fun!!

CoachK said...

Hey Bev,
All the cats I've ever had have been like that.... :)

When I saw your post I just couldn't resist...