Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dishonesty Continued

The 3 other types of dishonesty that can be destructive to our relationships and considered
"lovebusters" are:

1. Trying to look good liars: Some people need admiration and approval so much that they try to make themselves look better than they really are. They fabricate achievements and abilities so that others will have a higher regard for them. They develop a habit of lying to make themselves look better than they really are.

2. Avoiding Trouble Liars: This type of dishonesty is arises from the threat of being caught doing something wrong. Again this can become a habit of lying to keep from getting in a conflict or a spouse or friend finding out they did something that is considered by most people wrong or unethical.

3. Born Liars: This is a type of person who lies about everything and anything, whether they have a good reason to lie or not. A "born liar" doesn't seem to be able to control it or even know why they do it. These people will lie about trivial things that really don't matter. Because honestly is essential in relationships these people have a hard time maintaining long term relationships. This is obviously the extreme of the types of dishonesty.

Most couples who struggle with dishonesty will all into the first 3 categories:
lying to protect, to look good and avoid trouble and the good news is that these types of dishonesty can be overcome. The problem is that dishonesty and lying becomes a habit but in most cases habits can be broken with awareness and willingness to change.

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