Friday, August 8, 2008

Step 9 - Anticipate God's Vision

Ok, we are almost done with our steps of walking toward our purpose.  Most steps as you have probably noticed have alot to do with us working on us.   The next step is the one we have been waiting for.  Step 9 is eagerly anticipating that the Lord God Almighty WILL reveal His vision for you.  So what does this mean?  What is vision?  It is basically catching a glimpse of the type of person He wants you to become and what He wants you to do for him.  

God's primary vision for our lives is already clearly revealed in the Bible.  Basically we are to love God, love our neighbor, and go and make disciples.  This is our anchor point but God also reveals to each of us His individual, specific assignment in relation to that broader vision. 

The hard thing about the word anticipate is that is means, "to expect, to look forward to"  so what that means is we have to be patient as we look forward to what God is going to reveal to us if He has not done so already in your life.  So what are we to do as we eagerly expect and look forward to God specific assignment for us if we do not feel He has revealed it to us yet.  

I think a quote by Patrick Morley say it best:
"When "how" God wants us to undertake our vision is unclear, we must pray and wait patiently. These are the times when he is equipping us - preparing us - with all we will need to successfully fulfill the vision.  it may be His will to keep things unclear for years, as in the case of Moses.  Keep moving with what you've seen so far, while praying for what you still need to see"

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