Friday, May 28, 2010

A Time Away

Well my relationship blog took a week long break as we left for a somewhat spontaneous road trip to Virginia.
We decided we needed a break from regular life and wanted to do some hiking so we headed up to the Blue Ridge in Virginia, Shenandoah and Williamsburg. We were being so spontaneous that we did not even make any hotel reservations but each night made a priceline reservation. It worked out great and we stayed in some amazing hotels.
I was very proud of my "beaver" hubby as spontanaity is not his strong suit. We

will get back to our relationship blog next post!

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Pat said...

I am so thrilled about yesterdays VICTORY!!

CoachK said...

Thank you Pat. I am still in basking in awe of our amazing God.

Beverly Walters Whaley said...

Auntie K......I am sooooo proud of Johnny...and glad that the standards of hotels were not compromised but surpassed your expectations. Otters are great with Spontanious Adventures....and maybe your BEAVER saw a glimps that being adverterous is a good thing and bonded the two of you even closer! You go girl! Good for you! Your posts and pics made me smile.