Thursday, July 8, 2010

A New Family Member

I'm sure you figured it out by the picture but we have a new family member in the Cunningham family. I would like to introduce, "MANGO" our new kitty. :)

Mango, has a story (as we all do). My niece Bev (who wrote the dog/cat blog) sent me a text the other day with a picture of an orange kitty explaining that kitty needed a home. Well, I have been looking for a kitty, much to my hubbys displeasure. :) Anyway, Bev's daughter Natalie had gotten a call from a friend that works in a salvage yard and the poor little kitty was being terrorized by some people there and they were talking about crushing the kitty in one of their machines. So Natalie ran over to rescue kitty.

Bev and I planned a secret meeting for me to meet kitty. (didn't want to tell hubby until I was sure kitty and I bonded) Well, we did bond and he is just the sweetest little thing.

Hubby is adjusting well, while watching for 'bad kitty behavior" Kitty has been told that bad behavior could break the deal, but so far so good.

I took Mango to the vet right away and found an interesting fact about him - he is a Hemingway Cat. It is a cat with 6 toes. They look like little mittens. Here is a link if you like interesting cat trivia,

Our polydactyl cat

I must note that I am very proud of my niece Bev who is an avid "dog" lover for rescuing kitty and taking such good care and having such concern for him. Bev, I don't think you are a dog lover I think you are an animal lover who has a very big heart. :) Check out Bev's blog at:


betty said...

I would love to have a kitty myself, Kathy. Unfortunely, my good husband doesn't want any kitties around, especially in the house. Mango is very cute.:)

Beverly Walters Whaley said...

Coach K.......Your post made me smile....and I almost fell off my chair! It inspired me to my newest post. I am glad that you have bonded..and hoping for no more names of "mr Mango" which denotes.....bad kitty! Enjoy him....and let him become your best friend! I love my doggies...cuz they really understand me...and so will Mango...really know you!

CoachK said...

Awww Bettsy,
I wish you could have a kitty - I think it's in our blood to love kitties. But since you like dogs a least you have those. :)

CoachK said...

Going over to read your blog right now! Thank you Bev. for being an "animal lover" :) I wouldn't have Mango if you werent! He really is a sweet cat - I think John is even impressed - just hasn't admitted it yet. :)