Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2 - of 30 Days to a Simplier Life

Today's suggestion may seem like a no brainer to many of you and I really do know this is a good thing to do but I have actually only recently begun to implement this one.

Declutter your brain..

Don't try to keep track of to-do lists or systems or decisions in your head. Just write them down. A few sheets of paper are fine. I like to put it in a file in my computer . Some people keep a written notebook. Just get it out of your head. Knowing you're free to forget it without losing it forever will take a load off your mind.

This piggy backs a little on yesterdays blog post about making lists but goes a bit further.

First the list does give you a way to empty out your brain which causes a sense of simplicity, same thot on a decision made that needs to be shared or planned out. But the bigger part of this is the writing down of systems. This is something I have never done but this Christmas came to see the value in this. Here are some examples of what I have begun to record for future reference and have already found it to help me reduce time, stress and ultimately "simplify my life".

1. Last year I took pictures of all my fall and Christmas decorations - how I placed things on shelves, how we decorated the tree, how I placed item on end table etc. so this year I just looked up the file and put things in the same place and didn't' even have to think about it. It saved alot of time - if I wanted to change it up some I did but I had the basic idea.

2. Last year I learned how to make a dvd movie out of slideshow and I did not write down how I did this year for Christmas I made a dvd slide show movie for our family and it took me twice as long because I did not take the time to write out the procedure or system.....I did it this year.

There are others but I think you have the general idea... it's a combination of not procrastinating (doing it) and keeping a record of things that when needed you can open a file or notebook and same time and stress.

Do any of you have anything you have created a written system of and has it helped?


nprfloridagirl said...

I am very proud of your my post......MAN how we think alike......I can see too how writting it down....even just in a word document on your computer will help! You go girl! Creating great new habits! Love ya Kathy...Keep up the great inspiration!

CoachK said...

Thanks for the encouragment Bev. I found you new are too too funny!!! I love it - you are doing a great job...I will put it AGAIN :) on my list of blogs to follow and others will find it. Your other blog has been deleted so anyone following it probably can't find it. I think you got it now though!!

CoachK said...
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