Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 8 - of 30 Days to a Simplier Life

Edma and her hubby, Hennie

Today I have another great "guest blogger" My sweet friend and "sister-in-law" Edma Schoeman. Edma is a very special lady in my life. She is really my daughters mother- in-law but she calls me her sister-in-law and that is good for me. I have great sister-in-laws and like to count her among them. :)

Edma and her family are from South Africa and came to the U.S. about 16 years ago?? My daughter and their son (now my son also) met at church a few years after they arrived. So not only did Edma give my daughter and amazing and wonderful husband and me a wonderful son but Edma and I share two of the most precious little girls in our lives, our granddaughters, Kaitlyn and Anna. Edma is simply one of the best Mimi's in the world, equal only to their Nana (me) :)

One last thing about Edma is that she is someone who does things that most people don't do anymore - like send you a handwritten note and call you when she finds out your sick and always keeps up with what you need prayer for and you never have a doubt that she is praying for you.

So here is my friend Edma's thots on simplifying life:

I am not going to let me cleaning my house come before my family and friends This Year
  • I am going to enjoy my house and my friends!!!
  • I am going to enjoy my family
  • I am going to enjoy sitting down and reading a book in the middle of the day
  • I am going to apply the following principles to my life.

1 Let your inner glow show!!
2 You are so much more than you five yourself credit for!!
3 Any day can be a good day!!
4 Mistakes are just something you make on the way to success.
5 You don't need a reason to be happy!!
6 Wish yourself the very best too!
7 You're so close Why quit now?

One last little statement I must make:
"Only a snowflake is perfect and I am no snowflake!!!"


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