Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 30 - of 30 Days to a Simplier Life!!!!

WE DID IT!!! Here we are our last day and look at all we have learned. Well, I did anyway. :)
I'm going to cheat a little today and I'm calling this post - TRUE SIMPLICITY!

The reason is because today I saw the example of "true simplicity" Where would that be?? In the actions and joy of children.

Today we celebrated my oldest granddaughter 6th birthday. As usual, her Mommy did an amazing job at creating a beautiful atmosphere for Kaitlyn. the theme was "a lady bug party" and everything was ladybug and gardening. I am going to put a few brag pictures up for you to see but I first want to explain the simplicity part.

First thing was the beautiful simplicity which my daughter put together the decorations for the party. Of course, keep in mind she is very creative and good at putting all kinds of handmade things together. But it was simple but in it's simplicity it was all amazing and beautiful - better than anything you could ever buy at a store.

She made little lady bug purses for each of the girls - and you would have thought the little girls had been given a million dollars when they got the little ladybug purses. (again simplicity) They were so excited. She made a ladybug cake that looked as good as anything you would buy at Publix and tasted better. Then for the grand finale - she purchased online 1500 ladybugs for only $8 and at the end of the party we took them outside and put them on all the plants.

So my point is you can make a kids party or really any event wonderful with very simple things and little money, although you do need alot of creativity. :) My other point is that children are very happy with the simple things in life and need much less material stuff to make them happy and excited than sometimes we think.

It was a great day and I just want to send a shout out to my daughter Debbie, for all her hard work and creativity that gave her daughter a party she will never forget. Now, she needs to start figuring out what to do before October, which is Anna's (her littlest) birthday. :)
The Ladybug Cake

The Ladybug Purses

Papa and Daddy potting plants
for the girls to take home in the pots they painted

Letting the Ladybugs out!

The Birthday Girl and her mommy and sister

Tomorrow a recap of all I have learned and even changed during this 30 days to a Simpler Life!


betty said...

SO cute, Kathy! These immaginative and creative young Moms!! :)

Beverly Walters Whaley said...

Kathy, you truely have inspired me. My posts are very different then yours.....but I have learned about SIMPLICITY! I could have not put any of these things into practice without your PUSH! You are truely an inspiration and a motivator to all who come in contact with you. I will continue my journey of it has taught me soooooooo much this month! I truely thank you from the depth of my soul...and will take this 30 lesson.....and APPLY it to the next 11 months of the year! Your also, the best NANA in the world! I love you Kath! Happy blogging

CoachK said...

We do have some amazing daughters don't we?

CoachK said...

Bev, Thank you! I am so glad this little blog has made a difference in some areas of your life. But you know even though the blog or I may have inspired you - you are the one who had to do the work or change. You are the one who had to decide to do something different and you did! Thanks for the Nana compliment you know that is the highest compliment I can get. :)

Deborah said...

Thank you for saying such sweet things and for opening up your house for Kaitlyn's party.

Your so thoughtful and you know how to make others feel special :)