Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 22 - of 30 Days to a Simplier Life

A Simple Day

I wasn't really sure if I could get to my blog today because I was enjoying a simple day with my hubby. Well, it may not seem simple but when I explain I think you will agree.

When it was my hubby's b-day in November we took advantage of the Disney free birthday day and got one free ticket and bought mine - well they offered us to put what the cost of those tickets would have been toward a season pass and in fact they have a new season pass that is very reasonable the only catch is you can only visit the parks during the week - no weekends. For us that is not a problem so it was a good deal.
We are at a place in life where we have a little more freedom and flexibility and we are trying to take a least a day a month a just get away for the day. We do love walking through the parks and even riding the rides on days that it is not as busy. The pass was paid for by the second time we used them and now when we go it is just a cost free, fun day. No hurry, no stress, just enjoying the day - coming and leaving when we want to.

Today we went to Animal Kingdom and rode on "Mount Everest" for the first time. What was a little much for my hubby (he doesn't like roller coasters ) but he was a good sport and went on it once for me. Mid day we traveled over to Epcot (our favorite park) and the best ride there is called "Soaring" it is amazing. You really feel like you are flying. We got a coffee and hot chocolate and walked through the countries at dusk - it was great.

So that was my simple day and I encourage you to find ways to just "take a day off" from life and enjoy a day away either by yourself, with a friend or family member. Spoil yourself a little - you deserve it!


Debbie Leonetti said...

Kathy I just enjoy reading your blog everday. You are so encouraging and teaches an individual how to enjoy the moments in life that God has given us. Thanks Kathy for using one of your gifts to touch the hearts of many.

CoachK said...

Thank you Debbie so much for leaving a comment. It really is encouraging to me to know that a few people are receiving some hope and encouragement as a result of this blog. That is why I do it. I really do apprecaite you taking the time to write. Take a "day off" soon. :)