Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 20 - of 30 Day's to a Simplier Life

Simple Fun

Well, I have been accused of being a "Beaver" which if you followed my blog on personalities you know that most Melancholies (beavers) tend to be very practical, frugal, precise and on and on. Well, that is not me but "someone" said I was acting like one as I spent two day giving information on "simple ways to save money"

So I must redeem myself and let the "otter" in me come out. So today's blog is going to be fun and fluffy and full of fun. :) Today we will look at ways we can have fun with making it too complicated. Now don't get me wrong I love to have complicated fun, like going a big vacation or an expensive nice restaurant or a spa treatment but as I think about my life I really have to say some of the best day's have been the simple ones. The days that were fun but not because of extravagance or big trips but because of the people I was with or just being by myself and enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

Here is my list of Simple Fun things to do, feel free to add some of your own!

1. Turn on a favorite song and turn it up loud - maybe even dance to it!
2. Eat outside - if you have a porch take one of your meals and sit on the porch. Or go a little further and do a real picnic at a park.
3. Write a little note to someone - maybe leave on in your hubby's or children's lunch or put it on the mirror on a stickie.
4. Splurge and eat something you love today. (Chocolate is always good!)
5. Learn a new joke and tell it to everyone all day.
6. Take a bubble bath.
7. Start a jig saw puzzle - leave it somewhere where every time people come over they can work on it.
8. Volunteer together as a family (we did this one Thanksgiving when both the kids where home) it was great
9. Look at old pictures together as a family or watch some old family videos.
10. Play board games. Even if you don't think you'll like it try it!

"The Joy of Taking Care of Mom, The Joy of Roaming Around the Castle, the Joy of Loving Unconditionally, The Wonderful 'Large Place" the Lord has provided, The Freedom to Eat, Sleep, Rest and Play, the Wisdom to Just Delight in Every Second and Minute we have ahead, the Privilege to Love and Encourage the Children and all the family and the Greatest and Most Comfortable Bed, to Fall asleep in...." George W. Walters, Sr.


betty said...

I love the quote,Kathy! I appreciate and love Dad more and more as time goes on. Good ideas to enjoy in the castle! :)

CoachK said...

I do to Bettsy, one of my favorite. I always loved how dad viewed life and embraced the simple things in life. You really do realize as time goes on what wisdom dad had, I feel the same way, my appreciation just grows.

Beverly Walters Whaley said...

THERE YOU ARE! Wasn't that just toooo fun! Funny how one little accusation can turn you beaver thots right around! LOL I about fell out of my chair! Your too funny! Funny and fluffy! I was thinking we needed a panara day....but I think you are back! :-) Great job girl!